Anno 2070 save file

I just happen to save fancy reddish colors and file want to unlock them.
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Txt or copying file in the respective subdirectories.Anno 1800 Mod Loader "The one and only mod loader for Anno 1800, supports loading of unpacked RDA files, XML merging and Python mods.".All times are GMT.The save RDA Explorer is a Windows Application that can read and save the RDA file format used in Anno 1404, 2070, 22You can download anno the latest version here: Releases, if you file encounter any bugs, save please let me know by creating an issue.Share this post #3, it should be able to use the same save as long as you obtain the add-ons the same way you purchased the original copy.If you are not a programmer, you can contribute to the project by creating an issue to let me know what's broken or what you are missing. This project is not affiliated in peggle any way with Ubisoft.
Share this post #2, i got my self an answer from.The time now is 08:37.#1 just wondering if I can use the same saved files for Anno 2070 anno complete edition as I have for just anno 2070?I was wondering if it's possible to download legacy another player's save files and place them in your own full directory in order to easily obtain certain achievements.If you are a programmer, you can find more information in the wiki.Specifically, I would perhaps fancy a save file that allows me to defeat NPCs like serial Keto or thai Hector on hard difficulty.As long as the purchase content is compatible with your version, save your save file should remain.Yes you can still use the same saves as the complete edition comes with its own disks for each game.Anno, Blue Byte and the Blue Byte logo are trademarks of Ubisoft GmbH in the US and/or other thai countries.