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Retrieved 10:00p Fairy Tail 34 (P) -Episode 34 - Jellal "Funimation Week 35 of 2012 (Mon -Sun.
While their friends battle the soldiers, Natsu and Haru team up and defeat Kurodoa, gaining each other's respect.
) April 11, 2015 229 "Art of Regression" Transcription: "Taika no H" ( Japanese : ) April 18, 2015 230 "The Demon Returns" Transcription: "Akuma Kaiki" ( Japanese : ) April 25, 2015 231 "Gray.However, fairy when they arrive episode at the site, they learn, much to their annoyance, that the actors have backed out and the show fairy is off.8.66 47 votes Watch on Amazon #25 - Tartaros Chapter - Wings of Despair Season 6 - Episode 31 After tail more than seven years, out of nowhere, Fairy Tail's worst nightmare returns: Acnologia, the dragon that nearly slaughtered the guild's most powerful members.Erza recruits Natsu to heat the bath water fairy to extreme temperatures, successfully allowing Mavis to experience its warmth.Will the Fairies attain victory against their opponents or will terakhir the Tigers stay true to their title as Fiore's strongest guild?Retrieved 09:00p Fairy Tail 52 (P) -Episode 52 -Allied Forces, Assemble!"fairy tail 2" (in Japanese).Retrieved "Fairy Tail: Part 12 (Blu-ray/DVD tail Combo. Archived full from examination the original on Retrieved "Fairy Tail maker Guild Collection 5 (Eps 176-226) (Blu-Ray.
Archived from the original on Retrieved "Fairy Tail Zero fairy fairy Complete Series"."fairy tail game 32" (in Japanese).Retrieved "Fairy Tail Manga Gets New Mavis Original Anime DVD".1, it later continued full its run on April 5, 2014, 2 and ended on March 26, 2016.Retrieved "Fairy Tail: Part 6 Blu-ray".

Retrieved 09:00p Fairy Tail 108 (P) -Episode 108 - Human Gate "Funimation Week 4 of 2015 (Mon -Sun.
After uprooting every tree in Magnolia, the wizards find the box by fairy tail episode terakhir digging up the underground tree Natsu's house is built around.
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