Gamecube memory card gcp

gamecube memory card gcp

Dolphin (wii/gc computer card emulator) has a nice memory card manager, check it out!
Front SD and gamecube FAT32 USB device (wii) and SDGecko (gamecube) memory support.
Changelog.4f - April 5, 2017 dragonbane0 made a mod of card version.4c with folder selection and alphabetical sorting.If you did so, reboot the gamecube gcmm.I also memory (quite shoddily) gamecube edited the image listing all the options to add the new option, it's ugly but does its job.Now gcmm uses _card_getstatusex and _card_setstatuex, which provide a more 1:1 backup/restore gamecube Correctly displaying savegame Date information Savegame information rearranged.Feel free to fix, I don't have Photoshop or anything here. 1.0 - December 31, layout 2008 Updated to libfat ipad Added Wii support Fixed restore bug (yes, savegames will restore properly) New background Support for interlaced and widescreen in all regions Delete mode (dsbomb justb) Shows the quotes savegame information (mostly by dsbomb justb) Many other fixes/modifications for.
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Added an analog "Restore All" in Restore Mode (overwriting is madeas supported).According to a friend of mine, it works with a 256 blocks Memory Card.Compiled with DevKitPPC r24, libogc.8.8, libfat.0.10 and libFreetype.4.2.In science fiction, the Encyclopedia Galactica is a compendium of a galaxys worth of knowledge.Note that even player if libogc asumes the changes, as gcmm now uses some static functions from libogc, it needs card.It seems that the latest libFreeType PPC port needs it to work.List of known serial protected savegames: F-Zero GX, Phantasy Star Online Ep I 2, eleven Pahtasy Star Online III Restoring ipad a raw image to a diferent card won't work, it has to be the same card (it will work even if the card was formatted).Shows memory card freeblocks, page number display in file selector.Contents, features, backups and restores savegames into GCI format.1.4d - August 8, 2015.

Added libogc fix for a bug in card.
Considerations Users: If you extract a device (USB, internal SD, USB gecko it won't work againt.
GCP/RAW format gamecube memory card gcp is a raw savegame image of the memory card.