Hataraku maou sama episode 6

Here, Satan is able to learn a bit hataraku about this new world, which lacks magic.
Emi ponders killing him sama right there maou with her remaining magic but Satan shocks her by stating he will get them out of the collapsed mall, leaving maou Emi hataraku to wonder why he would help them.
At work, Sadao suddenly asks Mayumi for a shift change which causes Chiho to fear that he might return to Ente Isla, but Sadao apologetically keeps their maou motives hidden from her.Later, Shir, Emi, Suzuno and Rika visit MgRonald, with Rika, having a less than favorable first impression of Sadao much to his irritation.Funimation has licensed the show for streaming under the title.Episode 6 3gp, Hataraku Maou-sama!As they get cornered, Sadao teleports himself and Emi to the crowded Sasazuka Station.2, there are two ending themes, Tsuki episode Hana lit.Satan then projects a barrier around the entire city, knocking all the civilians unconscious.2, the Hero Prioritizes Work and Stays at the Demon hataraku King's Castle. Later, as Sadao walks Chiho home, she confesses her feelings for him while depreciating the game fact that drivers he visio is a demon, since she already fell for him.
While recalling the dream to Sadao the next drivers day he confirms that he doesn't have enough magic to return since he used it all repairing the city from his and Sariel's battle the previous day.As he excitedly pedals his bicycle home to tell Ashiya, he is once again confronted by dungeon the scarlet-haired girl who is revealed to be the Hero from their dimension, Emilia Justina.Emi then calls out to Satan who appears from some debris in his demonic form.Shir, in shock, locks her out but lets her in after Sadao casually explains her circumstances.Climb the rubble, Sadao acknowledges the person as his Demon General, Lucifer.Ma, Sasazuka ni Tatsu april 4, 2013, in another dimension where magic exists, the Dark Lord episode Satan wages a campaign with his four generals, Adramelech, Lucifer, Alciel and Malacoda to conquer the multiple-island continent cheats of Ente Isla and annex the human population under his realm.7 The Devil's Budget Is Saved by Neighborliness Ma, Kinjozukiai de Kakei o Tasukerareru May 16, 2013 Suzuno Kamazuki who had fallen down their apartment building's stairs comes to introduce herself to Sadao, Shir and Hanz game the next morning and gives them a box.Eventually the group reaches the abandoned classroom, it turns out that had been the base of operations for both Hanz and Olba prior to their respective betrayals and alliance.6 The Devil King Climbs the Stairways to School Ma, Gakk no Kaidan o Noboru May 9, 2013 At the Church's Headquarters on Ente Isla a report is made by a girl stating that the Archbishop Olba's previous report that he killed the Dark Lord.Officially introduce themselves to Chiho.