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Types: application/x-httpd-php phtml pht php js html css We did this because even though any files we save.html/.
Thank you for your support.I have an Apache/PHP based server on which I've made Apache execute js, html and type css files as PHP via the following line in mime /etc/mime.A better way to validate mime types in PHP is: imageInfo mime getimagesize( _files'userfile'tmp_name' if ( imageInfo'mime' ( "image/png" ) imageInfo'mime' ( "image/jpeg" ) imageInfo'mime' ( "image/gif" ) imageInfo'mime' ( "image/psd" ) imageInfo'mime' ( "image/bmp" ) ).I was hoping to say years and years ago, but unfortunately I still see this on a mime regular basis ).RFC 4627 : mime When asked about why not "text/json Crockford seems to have said json is not really javascript nor text and also iana was more likely to hand out application than text.It is quite common to only look at the file extension to determine what type of file it is (.I have read that.Did it help you solve type a problem?Therefore a lot of developers use ( hopefully used to use?) mime_content_type. Getting the mime type of magic an uploaded file is easy enough: echo However, I also want to check magic the mime-type of magic files which are included in a zipped file.
The following code which is suggested by many people failed to detect docx file mime type: finfo new finfo(fileinfo_mime_type mime Get the mime type via PHP.
This magic can validate Office mime types and others.This last check uses a PHP image function called getimagesize.A good way to detect mime type in php.Currently the PHP script allows upload of any file type.Is there any way to do this?There's no easy way.But getimagesize only works for images and fails on other file types.And exactly that's the problem: How is a programmer supposed to detect if a file is human readable and can be displayed?The getimagesize function will determine the size of any given image file and return the dimensions along with the file type and a height/width text string to be used inside a normal html IMG tag and the correspondent http content type.Is this post magic worth a small donation to you?To validate a files extension, we used to use something in the line of: if( eregi( " p"_files'userfile'name' )!False) camera return key; return false;.This question is an exact duplicate magic of: File is not downloading from server 3 answers I am full using Struts2 and Liferay for developing an application.