Power wizard 1.0 & 2.0 control systems technical manual

3.2 Menu Navigators Scroll Up The wizard Scroll Up key is used to navigate up through the various menus power or monitoring screens.
Please see the Relay Outputs section for more information PCT Status The status of the PCTs can be found within the menu structure at: systems main menu control prog cycle timer: The top row displays the seven PCTs 1 to #7).
Active The event is no longer present and can be reset by the user.
If there are no longer any control active shutdown events, the red light will turn off.In PowerWizard, Level 1 and 2 passwords must be different.The display will show: Figure 4: Basic Operation power manual Fault Alarm Reset Process 9 10 3 User Interface Overview.1 Function Keys AC Overview hot-key The AC Overview key will navigate the display to the first screen of AC information.Refer to the contact list at the back of this manual.Present The condition causing the event is ongoing and affecting system behaviour.The Escape technical key is also used to exit/cancel out of data entry screens control during setpoint programming.p p RUN Pressing the).If batteries are used for operating power, a charging source such as an alternator or battery charger is necessary to maintain a stable supply voltage. The Module Description will also indicate which photoshop of the normal 3 possible Annunciators the service tool is connected with.
For maximum accuracy, the open delta configuration of external potential transformers should be used only for 3-wire delta generating sets.
Engine Overview hot-key The Engine Overview key will navigate the display to the first photoshop screen of engine information.Output #2 can chromatic be used to drive relay output.To set the time, highlight the time then press photoshop the Enter key twice.Use the cursor keys to select the required date format and press the Enter key to save.To get back to the main menu at any time, press or and When unsure about your location on the screen, use escape Key and then refer to this chart.However it is recommended that generating sets at rest or storage for prolonged periods should have either the battery charger or isolator switch option fitted.Note The PowerWizard must be programmed for the correct winding ratios when connecting external potential transformers.The pins, as designated on the AMP connector, are shown in Table 3: Pin # Name Description 62 CAN2 Differential for CAN 63 CAN2 SH Shield for CAN 64 CAN2 Differential ( ) for CAN Table 3: Accessory plugin J1939 Data Link on 70-pin Connector Network.Enter The Enter key is used during menu navigation to select menu items in order to navigate forward/downward in the menu/sub-menu structure.Use the cursor keys to set the time and press the Enter key to save.Highlight an ECM and press the Enter key to view that ECMs event log.The Level 3 password can be obtained from the After Sales Helpdesk.If a battery charger is to be used, it should be connected on the battery side of the disconnect switch, so as not to power the electronics.(Use the up/down keys to navigate within the Engine Test photoshop Pressing and holding the Lamp Test key will cause all of the LEDs and the display screen pixels to turn.